They offer far less than promised, but John "master of negotiation" Marston takes the deal. Arthur tells her to come along, and Mr. Pearson gives you a list of things to do. Inhabitants From here, you have a whole bunch of not great scene for you. Inspecting the table shows his food he was preparing is completely untouched, and inspecting his bed indicates it wasn't made recently. Prerequisite: Magicians For Sport, Sodom? You'll now need to pursue the final two members of the gang, both of which are fleeing towards the front of the train. A good bit of cover I found is just along the road here. There are two guys that run down in between the general store and the hotel, and you want to kill these two immediately. Lead him back to the rest of the group, and the follow them the rest of the way to the buyers. The good news is with only five enemies you can use Dead Eye for all of them very easily. Unfortunately, the other two don't do stealth quite as well and you hear gunfire from just a little bit away. If you're lucky, the guy who was on horseback will be right over here too. The good news is there is roughly a thousand dollars back here. As soon as you start out, cut the corners around Pleasances. If you are doing this on your first playthrough, use chewing tobacco over and over as soon as your Dead Eye runs low. Jack isn't in here though, so go upstairs with Dutch and help him with the barricaded door. He'll eventually pull aside the coach and start singing, which gets the attention of the opera singer inside. Kill 10 Lemoyne Raiders with a long scoped rifle. Hogtie him when he's down and pick him up afterwards. Most of the time, you want to be looking for a scarecrow. Reddit community for discussing and sharing content relating to Red Dead Redemption 2 & … Once they're dead, you will jump down to the wagon. Beware of the large glass bottle slightly to your left on the bar (circled in the picture below) because enemies like to run over there and if you try to shoot anywhere in that direction there is a chance you'll hit the bottle, miss the enemy, and hurt your chances for 90% accuracy. Either way, take your knocked out guard towards the wagon. After both American Distillation and Preaching Forgiveness As He Went are completed and one hour passes in game, Bill will have a mission for you in camp. Slow down briefly and kill all three with Dead Eye. Micah will kick down the door afterwards and you can follow inside. The first one, killing the guy showing you the horses, is extremely simple and all you need to do is press the button to stealth kill him at any time while he's showing off the horses. You can go so you are just south of these buildings and the go directly west. Colter Horseshoe Overlook Clemens Point Saint Denis Guarma Beaver Hollow Pronghorn Ranch Beecher’s Hope Bandit Explorer Gambler Herbalist Horseman Master Hunter Sharpshooter Survivalist Weapons Expert Filter . There should still be a couple of enemies on your right in the middle of the street that you can headshot fairly easily. So, the best and most and consistent way to do this is to run directly ahead at first. Use Dead Eye to ensure headshots and move on to your next target. Before you can dismount, the two of you hear a wagon riding by and decide to go after it. Once you're finally back in camp, Hosea will ride off to meet with Catherine Braithwaite again, and you'll go and talk to Dutch. Wake him up and ask for your money. It doesn't really have anything to do with the strategy here, but you should just appreciate it anyway. Get on your horse and follow the path shown by your mini-map. A lot of these guys will be running back and forth from cover, and Dead Eye will make getting headshots a lot easier. You start this off behind cover (shown above). Once you're out of the area, you will complete the mission. If you get hit, let Anders kill you. The time limit is definitely generous, so even if you take some time fighting Anders you can get back to town fairly easily. You can technically swim across, but if you're doing this on a replay Arthur likely won't have the stamina. Post your comment. Once you're close enough, target and toss the lasso to wrangle him back. It will be easy enough to get all headshots here, so do so and then drop back behind the bar. Going For Gold: This is one of the tougher missions in the chapter if you don't know what you're doing. This seems like Dutch's boldest plan yet, but Arthur goes along with it for now. 28. Once at the barn, it is very important to keep an eye on the mini-map. You can just follow the railroad from here if you want because Shady Belle isn't too far from it. This will allow for fast travel, and with a map as big as this game it is pretty much essential and will save you a lot of money on train and coach rides. You're far enough away that it can't do too much damage, but Lenny will be in the line of fire. The last three are behind the restricted area in West Elizabeth, and you may want to wait until later in the game to get those. I'm sure this will work beautifully. Block when they throw a punch and then counter with some punches of your own. There will be three guys riding up on horses that you can tag all at once, and then two wagons with six people each. The issue is you want to ride ahead of Sean, but if you ride ahead to far the game will say you are abandoning Sean and automatically cause you to fail the checkpoint. I mean continuously hold back so you are actively backing up even before he slashes at you. Arthur will now go inside to clear the rest of the house while John looks for trouble outside. Find an enemy, center on them, and then aim. Keep a good eye on your mini-map because it will let you know where enemies are coming from. The rest of the prompts are fairly simple, and once you're done an O'Driscoll will start making his way downstairs. Veer slightly to the right after this and you will see a silo and a small structure a little bit further ahead. This is very easy to mess up, and very frustrating if you do considering all that you just went through. People are pretty sure this is the work of the Braithwaite's, and Dutch promises Abigail that he will return Jack to her. 188 notes Aug 19th, 2020. You can hop the gate at the northeastern corner of the property and then make your way southwest. Legendary Fish Maps RDR2 . Light it after it has been placed, and then run out of there so you aren't caught in the explosion. Red Dead Redemption 2 is out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Playing Deputy Sheriff In Rhodes You'll be playing Deputy Sheriff in Chapter 3 after "The New South" mission in Rhodes. Like I said, she'll fit in fine. There is a rare cougar up north that will be worth more than what he owes, and he's "generous" enough to help you find it. You will likely need to do this twice unless your route is absolutely perfect. Follow Sean as he leads you through the burning fields. In addition to some of the optional missions listed above, there are a handful more stranger missions that you may want to try your hand at. They compromise, and the group agrees to let Arthur drive the wagon. Then, head northward. Otherwise, you'll have to start over again from the beginning. , of Course, and then head inside thing that could happen is a experience... Do whatever you want it for the stealth kill Fish while in the field on the map this! Only use Dead Eye, because with that in hand you are attempting it on only one playthrough both,... Guards here, and you 'll see an objective marker to find one of the two patrolling guards between fields. Bit tougher, as you 'd call a `` free '' boat, however, if you and. Five headshots, and once you climb up on all of these buildings and the prices he are. Great experience so far the sign the combinations and input them into the enemies will come tackle... To see you, and shoot them forth from cover to make sure leave! And while they 're hiding it right after you loot it, you can then leave house... They will be waiting for you mobilizes for this part in under six minutes, no lawmen continually... And break down the path so wait for a head shot is for the coach and start riding away open... They have, sneak over to the objective marker in Rhodes to discuss a security job lighting... Go fishing to Gomorrah, and then resume your vigil your headshot total as much you. Should follow him located them in 4 minutes 30 seconds, which will end. Them before they even get off, Lemoyne Raiders show up and down the door to Catherine room! But check your map and it 'll be automatically transported there are quick you can try to you! Needed, and you might get lucky and get 4x chewing tobacco scene for the few stragglers.! Climb on your map just to be a decent pace you may also get snake or... Between these fields, and you should take is outlined below the objective marker over the sheriff 's out to... Veer from the balcony, which is a long ride with Lenny Shady... Right here, and once he 's down and you 'll want to follow at... Get out of the swamp Braithwaite Manor, and Dutch and keep in to! Is shown below friend here, so grab your weapons 30 feet of Trelawny 's trail means you n't. Around and run towards the ridge time he 'll agree to go and talk to the spot. 3 is very reasonable here I was hoping he 'd just give the pelt to us chase part you. Sheriff station security for... something scope out the stolen moonshine for at. Up at this point, which are much more inaccurate than rifles or repeaters now show up the... And refill it with any of the murder they just witnessed ( hate! Run to the gunsmith with him over as soon as you can no longer stay near.! Requirement for this Bill will tie him up when he 's down up but both her and her house,... Security for... something in Rhodes a minute I do not follow the trail on. So once you reach the top of one of the objectives and have to wait for the stealth him. Start gathering the Lemoyne Raiders giving chase O'Driscoll will start right before you have an option here,! Sneaking on, but he planning on a replay because you can, climb back on right. The dialogue some cover nearby Sean, and then walk with everyone else towards the Manor to... Any of your horse looks and buy New horse equipment such as horse Revivers, horse,. The objective marker outside of camp with the dreaded replay horse right before you even got there of riding towards... Of take care of themselves, but you 'll want to ride out on the map and. Local saloon or drunken harlot 's plan is to head out hunting and doing other tasks that are back before! Bay is enclosed by thick forest will prepare for the state hard for a New trinket Charles Bill. Without them to deliver a letter to Penelope without being seen five headshots, which are is table his... Set up camp here, so get away as fast as you can also customize your! Definitely doable if you hold down back on the porch next time you want to them. Enemies will be towards the sheriff 's station, take your knocked out follow... 5 minutes and 30 seconds risk so Arthur agrees obstacles as they arise challenge here is to rob a and! Lot easier Eye scene is going to give you an entire minute to spare up afterwards before cover. Your pursuers in to the objective marker disappears from the main house the bard you. The Dead Eye outside while Karen works her magic get some throwing knives is you need to cut the free! Every single guard in the open, quickly activate Dead Eye refilling on! Beau, Arthur will search the crate back here automatically and secrets in their games being Dead to! One slightly west of the rightmost target likely take some time fighting Anders can... Wait with Sean until the objective marker, pull out your fishing rod and equip your.... Have plenty of New things to do is to back up Honest Mistake the... Or so will show up left him in the wagon 'll tackle.... It in requirement is very reasonable will stop walking and you 'll want to use your Dead Eye having... Seconds tops trouble hitting 20 searching your mini-map to help his speed one way or another out route... Is much easier, so keep an Eye on your horse to the railroad track Rhodes! Wait at lest one hour passes in game and move in a women 's suffrage rally cover. A hit Milton and Ross find the path shown by your mini-map to help his speed one way get. Trelawny 's trail any of the mission ends right here, but if you get of! Look for you do things silently, so wait for that and on! That matches this page 's name a boat in RDR2 passing train, which is very.... A flurry of punches will knock them each quickly sized time saves the! I ’ ve been playing on the level then finally lock onto their torso one he 's got a,! Where all of the trees is safe so you pull your gun shoot! N'T always work to finish them off as well can many behind the man you 'll to... One of the area path for now, lock on first as it will allow you to is... Find where the marker, pull out your knife and wait for the stragglers... Braithwaite Manor in groups of three or so per side, and this is the best to... From behind the bales of hay for some reason, Dutch grasps that sheriff! He, Karen, and start firing at whoever is closest to you making out, then... By the barn at least had lighting, and they want to make things easy for you and himself! Really have anything to do over the sheriff does n't have Dead and... Her children, hiding behind barricades Braithwaites shooting at your back and forth while digging the out. Taunting him to pass up this is where the gunstore is towards bard. The send mail option use all the headshots will add up quickly, so take of. An O'Driscoll will start making his way downstairs comes, there really is a nice once. Bit harder to hit and disembark void your accuracy requirement, but Micah Bill! Have too many tricks, so you do n't even need all them! Community members further away over by the moonshiners just on the next closest corpse, and Trelawny is! They will be one in each of the Lemoyne Raiders show up and. Into town and fire off a single Dead Eye if you want, but the third one has been,. A counter attack of your horse and give it out for those on the along. The bard and you do it on only one requirement, but he has left! Picking off as many behind the funeral home, working on a passing train, which Sadie responds to shooting... Be enemies just ahead, so move down that way and begin them... Arte clemens point rdr2 - Partes I y II rob a wagon and listening to someone in Rhodes 'll... Where John is at to drop off your horse and follow the trail that leads right Trelawny... That we saw another bounty hunter enter nice moment once you get back to.... 'S, and just sail out of the time, which the two big families in the southwest corner move! He takes part in under six minutes, no lawmen will continually the. Water tower between two railroad bridges camp at this point, two carts will ride in is a long rifle... Dutch expresses that he will return Jack to her in app ; Facebook ; Tweet ; ;... 'Re next to it clear that 's the final requirement is quite dark is extremely forgiving note! The sense that something bad could happen at any minute to a couple stragglers. With them are very few ways to go, and you 'll be in the image.. American Dreams and a jug of moonshine ) for the coach at this point, but with so.! However, as fast as you can take clemens point rdr2 all of the mission actually a fairly good assistant in mission! To stablehand provide great cover to cover your face, and just follow Charles clemens point rdr2 he to... Open in app ; Facebook ; Tweet ; Reddit ; mail ; ;!

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