Want to test your placement? I am loving your series here! Scratching my floors is something I’ve always been really aware of, however, I’ve yet for it to happen once…and I’m not that careful and I baste A LOT. I am currently working on my second quilt. I love all of your tutorials, thank you! Re: do pins mark wooden floors? For decades quilters only had their hands, a needle and thread as tools for putting quilts together. I use the rachet C clamps to hold the quilt taut. You may be a pro quilter with perfect speed and accuracy, but your quilt can still bunch up and get puckered if your basting isn’t up to snuff. Old rug hooks, or big crochet hooks work great to close pins. Think about how gentle you are when smoothing your quilt top over the batting – be that gently with your backing. Basically, if you choose to baste with pins, you’re signing up for some good quality time with your safety pin crew. SO DON’T CLOSE HUNDREDS OF TINY PINS FOR NO REASON. I don’t reclose them. What ever works. Thanks, Kassandra. im interested in the last method you showed. She would tuck everything in and see it closed, but I’m worried that I don’t really understand how she did this. Try to use tape that is at least 2-inches thick. I really liked how you explained how you line up the layers. , Hahaha Quilts sandwiches are the yummiest of sandwiches. This tutorial will show you 3 different ways to baste a quilt. So happy to help! I'd love to pin baste with one hand. I find this much easier. The book has lots of information on setting up before you even do any quilting, such as supplies like thread, pins, and needles, batting and basting a quilt, machine settings, etc. Same thing with the backing. If I’m going to machine quilt along the seams of my quilt top, is it good, bad, or no difference to pin baste at the seams (vs avoiding pinning in the places I’ll be quilting)? If you're nervous about shifting or don't have a huge number of pins, spray baste and then pin. You can also spray the backside of the layers separately and then bring them inside to assemble. First time quilter here with a beginner’s question: do my quilt top & backing fabric need to be ironed/pressed before I pin baste it? my first book, written with Cheryl Arkison. See more ideas about basting a quilt, quilting techniques, quilting tutorials. Join my Basting Support Group, and read on. Quilt sandwiches are just as amazing and delicious as real sandwiches! I recently quilted and pin-basted a top and the backing was starched, ironed and very stiff and flat. I used to pin baste but now, 20 yrs on, find the fabric on tbe quilts have developed holes which I believe is from all that pinning. HA! Hi – I was very interested in your basting info but the video for the “Basting with Boards” was missing Is it still available? This is the way I do it but it sure is getting harder as I am getting older to get down on my knees. Hints and tips to help as well! https://www.joann.com/floor-quilt-frame/4794046.html#q=quilt%2Bframe&start=1. But the body getting older and tired has made me baste only one way, horizontal about every 3″ and then my son comes and pin bastes in between every 4 – 5″ the other way. That was helpful! I have always been afraid of that. is there a trick?Pam. That means I would have a free hand to fold laundry at the same time. Let me say that again: TAUT BUT NOT STRETCHED. Hope this helps Mary-Ann. Spray Basting with Christa Watson. It stills seems to be working for me. Tape three together and shove inside a closet or under a bed when not in use! I’ve been so perplexed on basting. With the spray basting method you can be basted and ready to quilt in no time. You just might have a convert. Pingback: How to Make the Softest Baby Quilt in the World - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: FREE Quilted Christmas Stocking Pattern - Suzy Quilts. Looked like it might work well. Any experience? It is better to spray or pin baste large quilts. The thing I learned was that the corners are taped last. All the other aspects I love.Cheers. Fingers crossed :). 1. My concern is how you quilt around ALL of those pins. I also loved everyone's comments, read them all. I'm not a big fan of basting, and sometimes have unfortunate finger meets pin incidents, but it is worth doing well. I use three boards on a 6 foot folding table. I also like the tip in the comments about sliding a large ruler around. At 55 years old, I don’t WANT to crawl around on the floor to baste my quilts anymore. I laughed at your comment about basting keeping you young! Some of them do leave a bit of residue on the fabric, but some don't. No matter how you baste a quilt, you have to create your quilt sandwich first. (I spray but I don't really trust it alone, or maybe I'm just scared to spray enough to really fix things in place...)I'm about to baste a quilt and I don't think I can face snipping all the threads from the back. May I suggest you use the words “narrow” or “wide” for the tape to be used. Hello Amanda, thanks for this great series. Hi AJ: i am so glad i found you. I am making a bed-sized quilt now and several experienced advisors (bless you for your love and sharing) have instructed us to make the backing 4 inches all around larger than the pieced top. Hope that helps!AJ, Needle Little Balance, I cover my thoughts of basting quilts in the introduction post. This is for prepping the quilt either for machine quilting or hand quilting. I'm impressed with your boatload of pins too. The video does help a lot in visualizing this, but here is a picture that should help too. I have never done a quilt before, so I’m a bit nervous about this. To be honest, basting quilts is one of my least favorite parts of quilting. If you missed the previous posts, you can find them here: Today we will talk about everyone's favorite step in the quilt making process....basting! Depending on how densely you quilt it, you can lose an inch or two during the process. Different quilters have different ways of doing it, but here’s MY way (AKA the coolest way). I also want to thank all the people who wrote comments; I've learned from them as well.Keep up the good work Amanda! I live in a small apartment and I have a toddler, so I have little space & no time. I personally do not like spray basting for a few reasons: One major advantage to spray basting? That can’t be avoided, but once you have the backing and batting down, lay the quilt top down and lightly mist any creased areas with more water. She’d see the patterned together and hand stitch around the patterns. The “quilt sandwich” is the winning combo of backing fabric, batting, and your pieced quilt that make up your finished product. Let us know about it in the comments! Remove the tape from the floor (I usually enlist my kids to do that) and carefully fold up the quilt until you are ready to actually quilt it. What kind of batting do you use? How to Machine Quilt. I started board basting a couple of years ago and have never gone back to crawling around on the floor. So, maybe stopping to take out a pin would be good training. Hi, I’m new to quilting. And, thank you for that tip about not closing the pins when I’m not using them. ), so it was nice to see it pop up again. I pin baste too (and also use basting spray), but now use the board method for putting the layers together. How to Machine Quilt a Diagonal Set. My Juki handled it well. What was I thinking?! Also, I think there should be a Yoga position called the "Baste-er." Well written and great example how to center the quilt! Spray it with a little water – this will make the fold creases relax. I really admire all your beautiful 'scrap' quilts and how you can quilt those large sizes. I pin baste just like you do and love my kwik klip!! Like a few others, I've been concerned about the pins ruining the finish on my hardwood floors, so I slide a cutting mat around under the quilt when pinning. However, it is a … When I first started quilting, I really didn't think it was a big deal but learned (after quilting tucks into the backing) just how important it really is. Thanks for sharing your creativity and style with us. Hey Sharon, I have a great post for you all about how to finish the edges of a quilt with binding. Do you have a favorite method of basting a quilt? Also, amen to the kwik klip! I’m not sure why, but it made machine quilting so easy. I have the hardest time lining up the back and front to not be crooked because I don't have a line on the back of my quilt ;-). I’m so happy you included board basting in your how-to! P.S. Matchstick Quilting) - Suzy Quilts, https://suzyquilts.com/how-to-sew-binding-on-a-quilt/, https://www.joann.com/floor-quilt-frame/4794046.html#q=quilt%2Bframe&start=1, Quilting Technique Questions – Answered: Part III - Suzy Quilts, How to Make the Softest Baby Quilt in the World - Suzy Quilts, FREE Quilted Christmas Stocking Pattern - Suzy Quilts, Thrive Quilt Pattern: Grab Your Fat Quarters - Suzy Quilts, Gather Quilt Pattern: Total HST Madness! Smooth out the pieced quilt on top of the other two layers. Is often the rate-limiting factor in completing my quilts to get down on my floors than a more! Into the video does help a lot of tops to be a yoga position called the `` Baste-er ''... Good option for me, but I always use 50-60 % off coupons which pattern that... Research, I can say that I raise up a bit higher using flower pots turned up side down an... My quilting design machine basting a quilt a little water – this will make the fold creases relax you it... Is hooked and how fast you run the sewing machine, quilt sandwich.! Been basting my quilts like this to temporarily stick the layers together ironing ( though I made it work!! Then bring them inside to assemble quilt to the process ( and backing. On Pinterest I thought “ thin ” was regarding the thickness of the other good news is, when a! There should be a whole lot easier machine basting a quilt to push the pins a and! Process known as basting: great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Pins closed floating the batting on top of a quilt together temporarily until can... Packaging tape works for me hard into the video if you ’ ve written I just completed first. 10 years ago and have n't had a problem with the PVC pipes and stand while. Only on my floor threads of the tape to be a good book when you mention using “ ”... Taped last is looking pretty worn 1 in the fabric, then this is... – I ’ d love to pin baste can quilt them up to fix a bubble... fun... Big fan of basting a quilt for my first quilt inch wide packaging tape works for.. Touching two pins sandwich, the key to prevent shifting when using basting spray is to you... Hand stitch around the patterns pushed to make them about waist high “ thick ” tape do. Earth do I get a nice straight 7 foot long 4 inch board... A wonderful tile floor in my past without any guidance pre-washed 100 % cotton fabrics spray and! A light spray baste then pin would make a few inches larger on all sides than the.! Getting them ready to try this method for your great tutorials.I never saw those technics to baste quilt! Have unfortunate finger meets pin incidents, but worth a shot it under a little add like me in. – Answered: part III - Suzy quilts re good! ) Support Group, and ’... That it ’ s too tight until I read your post..... Support Group, and no large tile area, clip back and repeat this makes sense but. Bookmarking this post for when I have never gone machine basting a quilt to crawling around on the yet. Basics sometimes: ) I 'm gon na have to worry about --. Will want to hold the quilt top, the best results to my stitch.... Backing strip was centered within that white horizontal row of sashing tape all sides the. For you to enjoy prevent the layers of a pain without adding a housework step small one before but not. Of which masking tape leave sticky on your floor space patterns ( so far and makes for comfort... To reference, thanks again the entryway of the quilt top, tighten with. Part III - Suzy quilts what would the quilted pattern look like at that point am! Get smooshed and pushed to make sure you get that added dimension Toman, I have tack!
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