As per your experience, which of the following tools is effective to increase a business significantly? About 70.2% of people with internet access in North America has some kind of social networking profile. Following is the Sample social media marketing questionnaire: A social media survey questionnaire is used to understand the use of social media tools and how often people are using various tools. This survey may be used to collect valuable data, like what social networking sites the audience is using, how regular they use such sites, the number of friends they have on the various social networking sites and which social … All rights reserved. Employee Performance Evaluation Questionnaire, Student Leadership Development Questionnaire, Employee Training Evaluation Questionnaire. To maximize your organization’s social media effectiveness, here’s a set of fifty questions. usability and reach of social media platforms. It can be traced back to ancient forms ... to investigate social problems such as the effects … Social Media marketing basically involves marketing your products by making use of Social Media. The sample of 102 students from Erican College was selected using convenient sampling method. All rights reserved. Kindly mention the name of the social media website you visit the most to get the latest news and updates. The data collected was analyzed using ... Investigation on impact of social media … The impact of social media (SM) or new media (NM) in our education institutions and society today are undoubtedly overwhelming. academic performance research questionnaire sample. While Instagram once held this coveted position, … In today’s online world, Social Media marketing is gaining lots of importance. There are many issues with social media … Q12) would you like our company making the use of Blogs to mention in details about the various features associated with the product? With the help of gathered feedback data, social media websites figure out to introduce the effective social media advertising programs in order to target the internet traffic. Your answer to the questions … Do you use Social Media to communicate with your teachers? A survey of 120 consumers selected randomly in the capital city of Pristina was conducted, to find out to what extent they are impacted by the use of social media… Social Media marketing basically involves marketing your products by making use of Social Media. Completing the attached questionnaire on social media and uses for promoting community resilience. Student Leadership Development Questionnaire, Employee Training Evaluation Questionnaire, Others, please provide the details: ________________. Consequently, the adoption of such platforms is growing. I, , hereby consent to participate in the project described above. If you answered no to Q2, then would you be interested in using Social Media … social media in the stages of decision making process and the psychographic variables that influence their behavior. This survey will examine how social media … Social media platforms are increasingly growing as developers come up with better applications and new features. The simple random sampling technique was used to select a sample of 378 students. A team of experts designs this survey questionnaire on social media after carefully calibrating the attributes and personalities of people. What is the fastest growing social media platform? If yes, how often you write the blogs? A social media research questionnaire is an impressive tool which is widely customized and initiated to conduct a research on available social media tools & techniques in order to evaluate the knowledge and marketing requirements of people. Q7. Web survey powered by Once you know which networks are most effective for reaching the people you want to hear from, you can then choose from an exhaustive collection of SurveyMonkey … As social media … Social networking sites, communities, Blogs.etc are some of the examples of Social Media. How do you rate your social media knowledge? Social media in the latest form has been described as “A group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, which allows the creation and exchange of user-generated content.” (Andreas Kaplan & Michael Haenlein, 2012, pp. © 2017 Sample Questionnaire. quiz which has been attempted 1318 times by avid quiz takers. ative impact of social media on students’ academic performances such as; moderating their access to social me- dia sites, reducing the amount of time spent on social network sites. This will also help education policy makers make policies that maximises social media in the education sector. A social network addiction questionnaire measures the levels of addiction of an individual towards a specific social networking website or social networking on the whole. The report informs that 65% adults use social media (Perrin, 2015). Kindly choose an appropriate option to describe the type of organization you work with: Q2. Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates. Do you think that social media plays a vital role in increasing online businesses? Is Social Media a tool that should be utilised by teachers? Social Networking. May 17, 2011. Facebook and similar social media … Jeff Bullas. Q5. Also explore over 63 similar quizzes in this category. Date: Age: (a)Television, (b) Banner, (c) Newspapers, (d) Magazines , (e) Others. Download. Q7)  what extent of knowledge you have about Social Networking? Q11)  did the information you got about the product on various social-networking sites persuade you to buy the product? These social survey templates consist of expert questions that are geared towards getting your the best social insights and responses. The platform of Social Media allows you to easily get in touch with someone on the Internet. Q13)  to what extent you make use of social-media tools in your daily work? Q6. For instance, a report by 2015 Pew research informs that there was a 7% rise in the usage of social media from 2005 to 2015. © 2017 Sample Questionnaire. Following is the Sample social media marketing questionnaire: Q5) Web-Site (If Any): ___________________. This video is a metaphor for social media, ask the students to explain each part of the video as it relates to Facebook. Teens are often more sophisticated than their parents when it comes to how to use social media applications, yet many teens lack the judgment and experience about how to use these applications wisely and safely. Q14) what are the other sources which made you aware about the product? This questionnaire also helps marketing and online advertising people to identify how best they can use various social media … Yes No 2. 104). Q3. 1. The independent ... (Disagree-1 and 5 for Agree). Social media networks have negative as well as positive impact on our society. Do you agree with this statement? Male Average Grade in Social Studies: ____ To the respondents: Please consider each item carefully. Web survey powered by First Name: __________ Middle Name: ___________ Last Name: _____________, Address: __________________________________________________________. Free social surveys for the best social research insights. Q10) to what extent you make use of social networking web-sites for promotional purposes? Please take the survey titled "Impact of social media on youth". The trend is especially noticeable among tech-savvy teenagers who are among the first … How Effective Is Your Social Media Marketing? There has been a remarkable outburst in social media usage in the past decade. Zahid, et al (2016) did a study to determine the effect of growing use of social media … Q8. These questionnaires include community service surveys, MEPS recruiter surveys, membership surveys, rental surveys etc. If you have any questions … The 17 Most Important Questions I have been Asked about Social Media. I have read and understand this statement. The information you provide in this questionnaire will be used for research purposes only, and by completing the questions … Completion of this questionnaire may help in developing future community resilience and engagement strategies. Social Media & Consumer Behaviour ... Do the contents, comments or shares related with the brands on social media … Yes No 3. Pabel, & Prideaux, (2016), agree that Social Media has an impact in the decision making process before the traveling time, and the current data, presented in Figure 15, is consistent with the previous study, as 44% of the 210 respondents answered that social media has the most impact … Social media’s rise has surprised many pundits with its rapid growth and the demise of platforms like … You can use these templates as a reference for examples and sample … A social media research questionnaire is an impressive tool which is widely customized and initiated to conduct a research on available social media tools & techniques in order to evaluate the knowledge … Participants are free to withdraw at any time (up to one week) and if any of the questions within the questionnaire … Your feedback is important! Social media questionnaire are generally filled by the people online. Q4. Do you personally prefer social media for marketing your business online? With the growth of the internet and the availability of several social media network options, more and more people are spending a higher amount of time on a social network. This survey type is designed to help collect the social networking activities of the target audience. Research risks: This research poses no risks. Completion of this shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates. Impact of Social Media on Purchasing Decision of Consumer- With special Reference to Lahore, Pakistan Muhammad Yasir Rafiq Liaoning Technical University, China Hafiz Muhammad Umair Javeid Free Lancer IT Professional Electronic word of mouth (E-WOM) has very significant impact … Q8) List down the name of different sites you use for Social Networking? Social media questionnaire Social networking sites, communities, Blogs.etc are some of the examples of Social Media. Try this amazing Quiz: Social Media Impact On Students! Questionnaire Surveys in Media Research 423 10.2 BRIEF HISTORICAL OVERVIEW OF SURVEY RESEARCH The survey is a very old technique. The platform of Social Media allows you to easily get in touch with someone on the Internet. Social media affects people's lives in negative and positive ways. Thank you very much for agreeing to participate in this survey based on the uses and impact of social media. Social media has both, positive and negative effects. Q9)  Do you write blogs? Tell a personal story about how you’ve used social media in a positive way. Q1. Ask students the question, “Is social media … According to the recent study in 2020, there are 3.5 billion active social media users worldwide which are about 45 percent of the total population. Depending on where your organization is along the social media adoption curve, these questions can help you develop your social media marketing plans going forward by determining where you need to improve.. 50 Questions … “Social media is an empowered tool for spreading business and targeting the desired audience”? Such fast adoption is evidenced by the growing number of users in various social media networks ranging from social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook. In other to measure social media platforms a questionnaire was developed based on past literatures. Social Media as Educational Tool - Students Questionnaire 1. Social media is a huge factor in many people's lives. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your social media awareness? You can use a host of SurveyMonkey social media survey templates to find out which platforms your target audiences and communities prefer.